This is all I have done

The photographed portraits are always bearing this kind of feeling, a feeling of permanent loss, the horror of being vanished and forgotten, Of being lost and coming to naught, despite what they pretend and persisting in preserving them. As if we know, when we are photographed, some parts of our existence are taken away forever and tend to be lost. Whenever I happen to face a picture of past, always this feeling, this sense, overwhelms me, as did this people truly exist! Did they happen to live over a time! Have feelings! Fall in love! And Something like a dust of lassitude has covered everything, everywhere, as these portraits have no more relationship with their surrounded society, everything seems to be unfamiliar. My [native] land is full of these paradoxes, and my persistence in demonstrating some parts of this manipulated identity is an invitation for Iranian audience to face the picture of past, without any judgment, without any repentance. This is more like facing past after ages, a mental controversy over "prescribed amnesia" by authority constitution. Ancient excavation of humans and things, searching for pieces of identity within the overflowing mass of horror and emptiness! Recycling a disrupted identity and stitching together the run away "past" from city hall recycling machine! Finding these devastated identity papers within urban waste of Statistic and Registration Administration, gathering them from the mass of urban trashes before that city hall recycling machine indicates that the fate of these wrecked papers are finished! This is all I have done.

© All photos are copyrighted by Najaf Shokri.