Public image of being single in most communities is combined with a lively, risk and naughty fun. Can be young, single, color, music, dance, party dress and hair style as well as synonyms. .
However, Collection of photos taken as "single" by Najaf Shukri, who graduated from Tehran University Photography works as a freelance photographer, single men have a different picture. His picture box, single and mostly sedentary in their leisure time going to sleep . Their real world outside the home (windows and TV) to either deny or do not care. Their only contact with the outside world by phone and Internet.
. Single men such as Atraq cellar rooms have irregular, semi-nudity of men to be free of any deliberate effort to dialogue and relationship.
Iranian documentary photos of single men, the imagination of audiences the opportunity to be the first men to visualize the frightened animal predators out of the cave, dark and damp, had taken refuge in the corner of the room.
Tired men with awe and magic, which is always a sign of fire (stove, brazier, charcoal and lighter Qlyvn) on their side. .
Photos of mourning has been able to provide  that the despair of seeing what is going on outside the house and disregard of the show at home . Iranian general concept of single men do not live at home. . If they are temporarily living there.

 Vandad Zamaani
© All photos are copyrighted by Najaf Shokri.