About Najaf Shokri

Najaf Shokri (Born on April 21th, 1980, Delfan, Iran) is an Iranian photographer who lives and works in Tehran. He began his artistic career with theater. At that time, writing short uni-personage dramas and contributing with several theatrical groups were his main job. In the pestinential conditions of the society where he lived, humanistic relationship was the intricate subject in his melodramas. He has got a satirical look which inevitably illustrates the bitter political conditions of Iran . The major medium of his works are photos and dispositions .The topic of his academic thesis was (Photo: A mummified memory).It was actually, a visual experience rather than an academic subject that was definitely about the photos and the people that life was gloomily empty of them. He was enthusiastic about photography and this very reason weakened his tendency to theater. He believes that art is a sort of discovery and practically, photography is somehow close to this idea. Najaf teaches photography and occasionally writes some plays and also some motifs for some movies. He has held various solo exhibitions of his photos and also taken part in several group exhibitions from 2000 until now.

2004 - BA of Photography, University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran
2016 MA research of Art. AZAD UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN MARKAZ, faculty of Art and Architecture.
Professional Experiences
2006/2007 - Teaching photography, Azad University, Bouinzahra (Ghazvin), teaching photography in ELMOFARHANG University ( Tehran 2015_2016) Lanasan University (2014) RASAM UNIVERSITY ( KARAJ, 2016) and teaching critic of photograph, faculty of KHABAR ( Tehran 2016)
(Shokri designed a memorial for the victims of Flight 655, commissioned by the Roudaki Foundation. Although this work was designed, due the foundation’s disagreement and interference with the work, it was never executed)

Solo Exhibitions
2010 - Slide Show, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2008 - Irandokht Slide Show, Asrrar Cultural Center, Sabzevar City, Iran
2008 - Bahar-e-Irani (No Rooz), Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 - Shahrzad, Tehran University Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2006 - Love, Mehrva Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2005 - Sifa, Mah-e-mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2001 - A Necessity for Apology of Axe to the Tree, Farhang Gallery, Delfan, Iran
2000 - The Men of Acron and Gun, Farhang Gallery, Delfan, Iran

Group Exhibitions
2017, Mini Frame, EMARAT E ROOBEROO galerry, Tehran, Iran.
2017, The compatibility of paradox, ABAD gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2016, Landscpe, HEPTA gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2016, art against violence and extremism, Iranian contemporary artists, PARDIS-e- CHARSOO, Tehran Iran
2015, salvation Gaza, Exhibition by Iranian contetmporary artists, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran Iran
2014, Contemporary Iranian Photography, Fine Art Gallery , California State University, Los Angeles, USA
2013, The first group show of small frames, Aria gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013, private show II, Igreg Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2013, Endless, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012, private show I, Igreg Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012, 16th International Art fair, central house of artists, Moscow, Russia
2012, The Gender and Exposure Exhibition at the String Room Gallery, NY, USA
2012, Moveable Feast, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2012, Ciphers: Tension with Tradition in Contemporary Iranian Photograph, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2011, The End of Time, The Second Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sanandaj, Iran
2011, Notebook, Tarahan Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011, Mopcap Shortlist Exhibition, Traffic Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2011, Zendegi, Twelve Contemporary Iranian Artists, Beirut Art Exhibition Center, Beirut, Lebanan
2010 - Gerdab (Is Photography Art?!), Boomrang Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009 - Iranian Photography Now, Rose Issa Projects Gallery, London, England
2007 - New Art, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2006 - First Photo Expo of Iran, Isteghlal Hotel, Tehran, Iran
2005 - The collective Exhibition of Iranian Artists, Holir Gallery, Kurdistan, Iraq
2004 - The Memorial of Kaveh Golestan, The House of Artists, Tehran, Iran
2003 - The Broken Roof of Bam, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2002 - Iran the Land of Peace, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2002/2003/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008 - Celebration of the Image of the Year, Iranian Artists
House (Khaneh Honarmandan -e- Iran), Tehran, Iran
2000 - Photo Exhibition, Abhar Cultural Center, Abhar, Iran
2012, Synergy1/ An Art Benefit For the Azerbaijan Quake Survivors, Siin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012, 2015, JANG JANG, No 1 gallery FARHANG ERSHAD OF DELFAN, DELFAN, Iran
2016, War war, Arte gallery, Tehran, Iran

© All photos are copyrighted by Najaf Shokri.